Introducing 40 Days of Community

Join Rick Warren for the next step in the 40-day journey

During 40 Days of Purpose, we answered the question, “What on earth am I here for?” We discovered God’s five purposes for our lives: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Mission. Our lives were enriched, our churches grew, our small groups developed.

Are you ready to take your congregation on the next spiritual journey to answer "What on earth are WE here for?"

40 Days of Community is the next step in spiritual growth, designed to help deepen authentic community within your church family and reach out to the local community outside the church.

Your congregation will learn to live out God’s five purposes in community with other believers and encourage them to reach outside the four walls of the church to serve in their local community. By the end of 40 Days of Community, your congregation should:

  1. Place a greater value on the relationships within your church
  2. Have a solid commitment to the local body as well as to their small groups
  3. Cultivate a deeper spirit of harmony, love, and appreciation for each other
  4. Better understand where they fit within the vision and mission of your church
  5. Have extended its influence in your community through individual and group outreach projects


Key Tools

40 Days of Community uses six powerful tools – each one essential to the success of the campaign. Our research from 40 Days of Purpose has shown that churches which use all six tools experience much greater results than churches that left out one or two tools. Each component builds a foundation for the next one, maximising the impact of the campaign.

The tools include:

  1. 40 Days of Community Kick-Off Event
  2. Seven weekend messages and worship plans
  3. Better Together - What on Earth Are We Here For? A comprehensive campaign resource workbook – includes 40 days of daily devotional readings and pages for journaling, as well as the small group study guide.
  4. Six small group or Sunday school lessons taught by Rick Warren on DVD format
  5. Six weekly scripture memory verses
  6. Other church-wide events designed to deepen the commitment of your members and move them into active participation in your congregation and community


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