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It's two hours before your group will meet. You need something to get the group going,

but you do not have a lot of time or creative energy... WHAT DO YOU DO?


The group members do not seem as close or connected as they used to be... WHAT DO YOU DO?


At times the Bible Study you do together gets a little too routine... WHAT DO YOU DO?


"Evangelism" isn't in your group's vocabulary, and "missions" is a foreign word to your group... WHAT DO YOU DO?


Your small group really wants to worship together... WHAT DO YOU DO?


250 Big Ideas for Purpose Driven Small Groups is designed by experienced small group leaders for small group leaders, this book offers 50 big ideas for each of the five purposes of a small group.


We hope this little book impacts your small group in a big way!


For More Information or to order please click here.

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