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Celebrate Recovery - Leader's Guide   £9.50
Provides the tools that leaders need to bring hope and change to the hurting

Congratulations on making on of the most rewarding choices of your life! Your decision to lead the Celebrate Recovery Programme affords you the matchless experience of seeing broken people transformed by the power of Christ. As a leader, you are about to make a difference in the most direct way possible - helping others discover hope and change they'd thought was beyond their reach. Your own life, too, will never be the same, as you see your investment of time and care returned in ways you've never imagined.

This Leaders Guide gives you everything you need to facilitate the life-changing Celebrate recovery lessons. We've done our best to simplify your job. The clear, easy-to-follow format minimises your preparation time and virtually walks you through each meeting. Besides the ability to follow basic instructions, a willing heart is all you need to successfully conduct this proven, life-changing programme.

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